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A New Way to address God…

When Jesus told his disciples to use the term “Father” to address God they must have been amazed! Jews never addressed God like that. They didn’t dare to. It was considered too intimate, too brazen a way in which to speak to the Almighty. Jesus uses the Aramaic word “Abba” for “father”. The English word simply does not have the same meaning. “Abba” was the word a little child used in speaking to his father. It was an intimate, homely word. The closest we can get to it in English is if we were to say “dad” or “daddy”.

By using the word “Abba,” Jesus wants to show his disciples the childlike trust they should have in prayer. They should speak to God in the same trusting way a child speaks to a parent, with the same sense of absolute reliance and total dependency.

By using the word “Abba,” Jesus also wants his disciples to realise just how close God is to them. God is not a distant, remote, faraway figure, someone they should be afraid of. He is, rather, a loving, tender, affectionate God, someone who is as close to them and as concerned for them as any loving parent. That is why they can approach God in prayer with absolute and total confidence and why we can too!

Paul Dempsey C.C.

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