Parish Articles

Parish Articles

Who is my neighbour?

The story of the Good Samaritan is probably the best known of Jesus’ parables. Yet, regrettably, its message is not so well understood as to be always put into practice–even by Christians. “Who is my neighbour? Who belongs to the community of God?”. These are the underlying questions in today’s Gospel. Jesus’ answer is contained [...]

The Urgent Task

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus sends out 72 disciples in pairs to visit all the towns and villages he himself is to visit. There is a real sense of urgency about the instructions Jesus gives them. They are not to carry a purse or spare set of clothes with them. They are not even to salute [...]

What discipleship demands

Jesus sets out on his journey towards Jerusalem today. It is his final journey. Up until now his ministry has been centred in his home region of Galilee. But now he is leaving Galilee behind for good, and starting resolutely for Jerusalem. The beginning of this journey marks a major turning point in Luke’s Gospel. [...]

Diocesan Newsletter – Message from the Diocesan Administrator

Greetings ‐ after the resignation of Bishop Moriarty was accepted at the end of April, I was appointed to serve in the temporary office of  ‘diocesan administrator’ while we await the appointment of a new Bishop.

There are a number of important items that I want to bring to people’s attention at this time and hence this newsletter. As you will see all these items concern how we …

“This is My Body….. This is My Blood”

This weekend we celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Christ. The Eucharist that we receive is the centre of our faith, for it is Jesus himself—Jesus who is the Bread of Life. Before we come to communion, we say “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you…..” But by coming to [...]

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