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Suffering / Cross

What discipleship demands

Jesus sets out on his journey towards Jerusalem today. It is his final journey. Up until now his ministry has been centred in his home region of Galilee. But now he is leaving Galilee behind for good, and starting resolutely for Jerusalem. The beginning of this journey marks a major turning point in Luke’s Gospel. [...]

Resurrection, a quick fix or something more?

In a recent conversation, a faith filled person told me of a young relative who is gravely ill. All the signs are that this person doesn’t have long to live. This faith filled person was challenged by another member of her family, who does not see things from the faith perspective. She was asked; “How [...]

Our health is our wealth

This Thursday, February 11th is the feast of “Our Lady of Lourdes” and is also World Day of Prayer for the Sick. Living with sickness in mind, body or spirit is a difficult and vulnerable journey that visits so many in all our families, friendships and community. It is true that our health is our [...]

Haiti – abandoned by God?

This has been a devastating week for the people of Haiti. Already the poorest country in the western world, the recent earthquake, has brought extreme hardship to a people vulnerable and impoverished. In many ways our recent sufferings, felt because of arctic weather, pales into deep insignificance when we consider the terrible suffering now endured [...]

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