St. John’s Day Care Centre Hacketstown

St. John’s Day Care Centre, Main Street, Hacketstown, Co.Carlow.

The Day Care Centre cares for the elderly and provide lunches three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. The Centre also provides meals on wheels to people in Hackestown and the surroundings areas.


Manager: Sheila Whelan
Tel: 059 647 1417



2 Course Lunch in the Centre on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Meals on Wheels on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Laundry Service

We can provide Laundry Service at the centre on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Prices available.

Chiropody Service

Melanie Fagan provides Chiropody service in the centre, approximately every 6 x weeks.  Please contact St. John’s to arrange an appointment.

Personal Alarms

We can arrange the setup of Personal alarms in homes for our clients.

I.T. Services

We can arrange zoom meetings for our clients with their distanced friends and relatives.  Client’s can logon to webcams or we can help them use the Internet.

Social Events

The Knitting Club comes together each Tuesday around 2pm and we are gradually re-introducing our Music afternoon on Wednesdays also from around 2pm.  We arrange Day trips during the summer and welcome speakers from different groups during the year to provide specific information.